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Easter is a time for celebrating the renewal of spring and our hope for peace. Easter candy is a traditional part of the season’s celebrations, so we’ve decided to utilize this aspect of the holiday to build symbols to help focus attention on peace through pleasure.

We’ve created two peace images, one masculine and one feminine, to symbolize the quest for peace through masturbation. The first (above) shows a male hand stroking his penis in front of a large peace symbol. This represents the call to “take up arms” by peacefully masturbating to end world conflict. The other image (below) is that of a vagina, which represents the eternal womb from which we are all born. A peace symbol is located at the vagina’s entrance, indicating that peace is to be found within if we seek it there


Both of these images are rendered in the joyful and vivid colors of spring, using marshmallow candies shaped like bunnies and baby chicks, both of which are symbols of fertility and new life. The marshmallow candy stands for the sweetness of life, and the need for us to be soft and yielding in our non-violent approach.

Make Your Own Masturbation Mosaics

If you’d like to reproduce these images, or produce a masterpiece of your own, here are a few tips:

  • Draw an outline on paper of the design you want to create, and color in each area with the color of candy you want to use to shade it.
  • Cover your work surface with a clean tablecloth or sheet.
  • Spread Easter grass evenly over the surface.
  • Use sharp scissors to cut the marshmallow candies apart; pulling can break or stretch them out of shape.
  • Lay the candies out symmetrically and evenly, and face them in the same direction for a more regular appearance. Vary the directions to create the effect of texture.
  • Use candies of different colors and shapes to create contrast.
  • Use the natural shapes of the candies to create straight lines or curves.
  • Experiment with symbolic objects. Integrate Viagra pills, your favorite toys, or lingerie to express your personal sexuality.